Lake Sammamish Kitchen Remodel

Lake Sammamish Kitchen Remodel

Project Overview: Potter Construction’s largest project to date, this Lake Sammamish home addition and remodel included the creation of a brand-new, award-winning kitchen. Unique design solutions like curved bench seating integrated with a kitchen island created an eating area with 360-degree lake views. And with dramatic materials such as Rift Oak, Rainforest Marble and Corian, […]

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West Seattle Craftsman Kitchen Remodel

west seattle craftsman kitchen

Project Overview: The Lovre/Querns’ early 1900’s West Seattle Craftsman had painted plywood cabinets, ancient appliances, and limited storage—so it was time for an update. With this kitchen remodel, the family wanted to modernize the functionality of their kitchen, yet maintain its original look and feel. Potter Construction’s solution was to recess the fridge and open […]

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Condo Kitchen Remodel

condo kitchen remodel

Project Overview: The Gaither condo kitchen had a 1970s brown and gold theme, with carpet and dropped fluorescent lighting. The goal was to update the kitchen while introducing a bit of an Asian influence to better suit the client’s style. Potter Construction gutted the kitchen down to the studs to completely remove all remnants of […]

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Bellevue Kitchen Remodel

bellevue kitchen featured image

Project Overview: The Ferrell kitchen project was part of the family’s entire interior home remodel. They came to Potter Construction knowing they could trust us in their home. For the kitchen remodel specifically, they were looking for an update and better use of space with a high-end, traditional look and feel. Potter Construction started by […]

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Leschi Kitchen Remodel

leschi kitchen remodel

Project Overview: The original McWashington/Coram kitchen had a 1970s look and extremely tight quarters enclosed by four walls. The Leschi homeowners asked Potter Construction to remodel their kitchen so they could break free of these cramped quarters and create an open, inviting space. Potter Construction turned the one-person kitchen into an open stage for cooking […]

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West Seattle Warm Kitchen Remodel

west seattle warm kitchen

Project Overview: This kitchen remodel included new stainless steel appliances, new hardwood floors, new plumbing and upgraded electrical, a new pantry, Alder cabinets, and a huge island with muted glass cabinet doors. In addition, Potter Construction demolished the wall that separated the living room from the kitchen. The designer spent time taking photos of the […]

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Bellevue Spacious Kitchen Remodel

bellevue spacious kitchen image

Project Overview: With today’s fast-paced lifestyles, many families are foregoing the formal dining room in favor of more relaxed, kitchen-oriented eating areas. The best solution for this Bellevue family was to combine the cooking/eating island as well as a sit-down dining area. Potter Construction’s kitchen remodel created a modern integrated space. The gorgeous, curved granite […]

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Montlake Kitchen Remodel

montlake kitchen remodel

Project Overview: This Montlake kitchen was transformed from a tiny, dark kitchen to an inviting, bright entertaining space. The intrusive kitchen window was filled with glass blocks for privacy, and a second row of blocks were added as a design element. So instead of peering into the neighbors’ deck through the banquette windows, Potter Construction […]

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West Seattle Bright Kitchen Remodel

West Seattle Bright Kitchen

Project Overview: This West Seattle kitchen remodel is fresh and bright with a subtle European feel. The kitchen island provides plenty of work and eating space. The layout creates an efficient area for food preparation, as well as an inviting space for entertaining.

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DiPaolo Kitchen Remodel

dipaolo kitchen

Project Overview: The old kitchen had plywood white washed cabinets, a stove with only two working burners, a temperamental oven, no dishwasher, no disposal and very little storage. Along with updating and modernizing the kitchen, this kitchen remodel added amenities that were missing before. Potter Construction built a large pantry with plenty of storage. The […]

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Fall City Kitchen Addition and Remodel

fall city kitchen remodel

Project Overview: The owner wanted an elegant but not fussy look; she was tired of the builder basic style she had lived with for 25 years. To make it all happen a small addition was designed to allow additional space for the size of kitchen and storage she envisioned. The addition allowed the things she […]

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