Benefits of Design/Build

Why choose a design/build firm instead of hiring an architect or designer, plus a separate contractor or contractors, to get your addition or remodel done? Lots of reasons! Here are the top 5:

  • Construction stays within your budget because our designers are very familiar with the actual build cost of each remodel. So you get drawings, plans and a projected cost all at the same time. You don’t end up with a design you love, only to find out it costs three times as much to build as you had planned.
  • You save time and hassle by having everything done under one roof. Why interview, hire, and coordinate separate architects, designers and contractors if you don’t have to?
  • The remodel process is quicker and more flexible because you can work on several facets of your project at the same time. For instance, while the building permit is being approved, you are busy picking out doors, windows, and appliances. Plus items with long lead times can be ordered ahead.
  • The Certified Kitchen Designers (CKD) and Graduate Remodelers (CGR) at Potter Construction have a lot of additional training, and specialize in redesigning homes to meet your lifestyle needs.
  • With just one point of contact, and one firm taking responsibility for the success of your entire project, you can enjoy peace of mind from start to finish!